Corciova 100% Cashmere fashion long Men's and Women's scarf scarves Gradient Pattern

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Corciova 100% Cashmere fashion long Men's and Women's scarf scarves Gradient Pattern
  • Material: 100% Cashmere, relatively thick, light weight, tassels edge, comfortable contact with skin.
  • Suitable: This scarf can be used in autumn and winter. Suitable for many occasions, parties, wedding, travelling, ceremonies and any important events. A good gift choose for Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Father's Day,Mother's Day, Graduation or other special days.

What Is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a kind of natural animal fiber, which comes from the inner layer of fine wool. Full suede leather is light and comfortable to wear, with delicate handle, compact and thin fabric, good natural bending and good heat retention performance.

Cashmere Scarf's Storage and Washing

1. Pay attention to keep clean. Cashmere scarf should often be folded and beaten gently to remove dust. Soft wool electrostatic brush can be used to brush gently along the direction of the hair head to remove dust. It can also prevent the potential and damage of moths, and make the wool smooth. In addition, cashmere scarves stained with stains should be washed in time.
2. When it needs to be stored in different seasons, it must be washed, ironed and dried before preservation, which can reduce the conditions and scope of mould moth activities, and can also kill and sterilize insects.
3.When storing cashmere scarves, they should be folded in bags and placed horizontally. They should not be hung to avoid hanging and deformation, and should not be mixed with other items in the same bag.
4. The cashmere scarf should be kept out of light to prevent fading. It should be often ventilated, cool, dusted, and should not be exposed to the sun.
5. Cashmere is a natural fiber, containing a lot of natural protein, so it is easy to be moth eaten. In order to prevent this, the cashmere scarves should be dried thoroughly and sealed with camphor in a clean plastic bag. At the same time, put anti mildew and anti moth tablets around the wardrobe to prevent cashmere products from being affected by moisture, mildew and insects. But avoid mothproofing agent and cashmere sweater direct contact.
1. Cashmere scarf had better be dry cleaned. If washed with water, you should check the washing label and step by step.
2. measure the size of the cashmere scarf or cut the paper clothing board of the same size according to the outer contour of the scarf.
3. If the dirt is serious, soak in the neutral lotion of 35 degrees C for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Avoid adding enzyme or containing bleaching and dyeing chemicals and shampoo, in order to prevent erosion and discoloration.
4.Pat and knead with your hand. Do not rub it to avoid pilling or felting.
5. flower or multicolor cashmere scarves should not be soaked, and cashmere products of different colors should not be washed together to avoid cross color.
6. Wash two or three times with 35 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water, and put some vinegar or softener in the final clean water, which will make the handle feel better. Fold the washed cashmere scarf on the slant board and press the water out gently. Then lay it on a ventilated place and dry in the shade. Do not hang it in the air to avoid deformation.
7. According to the pre cut paper clothing board, smooth the cashmere scarf and arrange the shape. It is padded with wet towel and ironed with a medium temperature (about 140 ℃) iron. Irons must not be in direct contact with cashmere products.
8. Cashmere products will not shrink, deform and fade after washing with the above methods. When collecting, be sure to fold and put into the box.

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Price $58.99
Target Audience Unisex
Occasion Lifestyle Fashion, Casual, Travel, Business, Cold-weather, Formal, Professional, Retro, Special-occasion, Woven
Material 100% Cashmere
Product Length 170mm (66")
Product Width 35mm (13")
Pattern Type Plaid
Fabric Wash Light
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