Corciova 14 Momme 35" Large Women's 100% Real Silk Square Hair Scarf Wrap Headscarf Chinoiserie Pattern

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Corciova 14 Momme 35" Large Women's 100% Real Silk Square Hair Scarf Wrap Headscarf Chinoiserie Pattern
  • Size: 35" x 35" / 88cm x 88cm
  • Design: Various ingenious designed and elaborately printed patterns available (one-side printed), colorful and gorgeous, delicate and beautiful patterns, lightweight, soft, smooth and elastic. Comfortable in touch with the skin.
  • Material: 100% mulberry silk, plain satin, 14 momme, relatively thick, light weight, handmade roll edge. Fabric quite bracketed, comfortable contact with the skin.
  • Suitable: This scarf can be used all year round. Suitable for many occasions, parties, wedding, travelling, ceremonies and any important events. A good gift choose for Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation or other special days.

What Is Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and protein, it is the natural animal protein fiber, silk weaving is the most important raw material, smooth soft, rich luster, have the feeling of winter warm summer cool, the human body has a very good nutrition.

Silk Scarf's Storage and Washing

1. Pay attention to ventilation, it is not appropriate to put it in plastic bags for a long time.
2. Light-colored silk scarf, preferably wrapped in a soft white cloth, to prevent wind stains, yellow stains.
3. It is not advisable to put camphor pills to prevent them from turning yellow.
4. Chemicals such as cosmetics and perfumes should be avoided from being directly contaminated with silk scarves.
5. Silk fabrics are generally light and thin, easily squeezed out of the folds, preferably stored separately or flat.
6. The scarf collection avoids moisture and light exposure.
1. Gently hand wash, do not twist hard, brush and machine wash.
2. Unfold in cold water below 90 degrees Fahrenheit and do not wash in hot water to avoid fading.
3. Color-split washing, silk fabric easy to fade, if the color is difficult to remove.
4. It is not advisable to use alkaline detergent when washing, using neutral detergent or silk washing agent.
5. Gently knead with clean water and gently squeeze out the water with your hands or towel.
6. Dry dry, avoid the hot sun.
7. When dry, the fabric should be expanded, do not overlap, so as not to stain.
8. It is best to line the liner when ironing and iron on the opposite side.

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More Information
Price $18.99
Target Audience Women
Occasion Lifestyle Fashion, Casual, Travel, Bridal, Business, Cold-weather, Formal, Professional, Retro, Special-occasion, Woven
Material 100% Mulberry Silk
Product Length 88mm (35")
Product Width 88mm (35")
Package Height 2mm (0.1")
Package Length 235mm (9.3")
Package Width 235mm (9.3")
Pattern Type Patterned
Fabric Wash Light
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